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Little Titan Camouflage Camera with Recording (DVR) Kit

Little Titan Camouflage Camera with Recording (DVR) Kit

Product Description:
At Only 3 Inches, Mount It Anywhere For Covert Surveillance – Completely Weatherproof w/ Built-In DVR 30 FPS Full Screen Video & Audio SD Card / Built-In LCD Screen 2x Zoom / Battery Powered Review Video On Any Computer – PC Or MAC Capture Up To 100 Minutes Of Recorded Video Tiny Camera And DVR Designed For Portability And Outdoor Use – Even Underwater The Little Titan Camouflage DVR Camera is the only covert camera designed specifically for portability, outdoor use, and more. Perfect for sting operations, suspect tracking, and all your day-to-day operations on-the-move, this camera records crystal clear 30 fps full screen video as well as audio. The camouflaged camera comes complete with a strap mount, waterproof case, clip mount, bar mount, tree screw, and shock resistant saddle, for all covert surveillance applications. Sniper Inspired Camera Technology Is Completely Concealed To Blend With Bushes, Trees, & Wooded Areas Tiny 3″ Micro DVR Records Onto SD Card For Easy Transfer And Viewing The most powerful 3″ covert Camera and DVR weighing in at only 2.5 ounces can be mounted anywhere and on anything for a completely covert surveillance experience. This camouflaged DVR Camera has a battery life of 1 to 4 hours and the ability to store an incredible 100 minutes of video. Video stores directly to a SD card and can be reviewed on any PC, monitor, or directly on the device itself using the built-in LCD screen. Compatible with PCs and Macs, this camera and DVR makes portable surveillance easy. Its unparalleled portability and extreme design make this camera a must-have for all your recording needs. Every Purchase Comes Complete With Accessories To Make Your Surveillance Missions Easy Every Little Titan Camouflage DVR Camera comes complete with the camera, the 100% waterproof casing, 1 clip mount, 1 bar mount, 1 tree screw, 1 strap mount, and 1 shock resistant saddle. With these accessories you can mount the camera anywhere and on anything depending on your security needs. Record extreme action audio and video with the completely wireless and portable Little Titan Camouflage DVR Camera. Every Kit Includes: 1 Wireless Little Titan Camera 1 100% Waterproof Casing 1 Strap Mount 1 Shock Resistant Saddle 1 Bar Mount 1 Clip Mount 1 Tree Screw 2 AAA Batteries USB Cable Waterproof Housing The Little Titan Camouflage DVR Camera comes with a waterproof case that allows you to submerge the camera up to 20 feet. Perfect for rescue operations, harsh weather conditions, and more. Clip Mount Easily clip it to the brim of a hat or the visor of your vehicle. Bar Mount Use this mount to attach the Little Titan to any motorcycle, ATV, mountain bike, and more. This tube mount will accommodate bars between ½" to 2" in diameter. Tree Screw Simply screw into any tree branch or trunk at the desired height to capture covert security surveillance. Shock resistant saddle This dense foam pad and simple strap will help you mount the Little Titan Ca

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